The Experience

Celebrate the spirited competitions of Mongolia’s legendary Naadam Festival. You also explore the exciting capital of Ulaan Baatar, ride on a camel in the Gobi Desert and dine amid the Flaming Cliffs. Day 1: Arrive Ulaan Baatar Arrive Ulaan Baatar Arrive in Ulaan Baatar, where you transfer to your hotel. The remainder of your day is at leisure. Ulaanbaatar Hotel Day 2: Ulaan Baatar | Exciting Capital City Embark on a tour of the city, beginning at the Gandan Khiid Monastery. Discover Megjid Janraisig, a 75-foot statue made of copper, gold and precious stones. Later, visit the National Museum of Mongolian History, where a local historian discusses Mongolia and its famous emperor Genghis Khan. Tonight, attend a welcome dinner. Ulaanbaatar Hotel | Meals: B L D Day 3: Ulaan Baatar | Life of Genghis Khan At Thirteenth Century National Park, wander the various villages, including those belonging to shaman and craftsmen, that depict life and traditions in the time of Genghis Khan. Ulaanbaatar Hotel | Meals: B L D Day 4: Naadam Festival | The Three Games of Men Today you attend the annual Naadam Festival, one of the world’s oldest and most spectacular events, where the nation’s best athletes compete in archery, horse racing and Mongolian wrestling. Watch the elaborate opening ceremony that features dancers, athletes, horse riders and musicians. This evening, attend a traditional performance with folk dancing. Ulaanbaatar Hotel | Meals: B L D Day 5: Khustain Nuruu National Park | Wild Horse Haven Drive to Khui Doloo Khudag to watch the horse race competition, a tradition that is said to date back to the Bronze Age. Continue to the Khustain Nuruu National Park, home to the last remaining species of wild horse, the Takhi. Spend your first of six nights in a Mongolian ger, a traditional felt tent made by nomads. Khustain Nuruu Ger Camp | Meals: B L D Day 6: Kharakhorum | 13th-Century Capital Kharakhorum was the 13th-century capital of the Mongol Empire. View what remains: Erdene Zuu, Mongolia’s largest monastery. Explore the grounds and observe the monks as they perform their prayers and rituals. Meet a top-ranking lama who discusses monastery life. Tonight, dine on traditional horhog, a Mongolian barbecued meat dish. Munkh Tenger Ger Camp | Meals: B L D Day 7: Middle Gobi | Pearl of the Great Desert Drive to the ruins of Ongiin Khiid, a large monastery, and then meet local horse herder families. Ongiin Nuuts Ger Camp | Meals: B L D Day 8: Gobi Desert | Dunes, Canyons and Verdant Oases Cross the vast Ongi plain to reach the stunning Gobi Desert, home to Bactrian camels, mountain sheep, golden eagle and many endemic reptiles. Three Camel Lodge | Meals: B L D Day 9: Yol Valley National Park | Valley of the Eagles Drive to Yol Valley National Park, whose remnant streams create ice formations that contrast with the surrounding desert. Hike through the valley to see indigenous lammergeier, Altai snowcock, ibex, yak and Argali mountain sheep. Later, visit the local natural history museum. Three Camel Lodge | Meals: B L D Day 10: Moltsog Els Sand Dunes | The Flaming Cliffs Set off on the back of a Bactrian two-humped camel through the towering dunes for insight into a way of life that has endured for centuries. Afterward, visit the Flaming Cliffs, where dinosaur eggs were first found. This evening, dine amid the red cliffs at sunset. Three Camel Lodge | Meals: B L D Day 11: Ulaan Baatar | Past Meets Present Fly back to Ulaan Baatar and explore the Museum of Natural History’s unique collection of dinosaur fossils and indigenous flora and fauna. At the Fine Arts Museum, peruse an exhibit of Mongolian Buddhist art and artifacts. A U.S. Embassy official joins you tonight at your farewell dinner to discuss present-day Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar Hotel | Meals: B L D Day 12: Depart Ulaan Baatar Board your international flight home. Meals: B

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