The Experience

“Michael Zannos was a wealthy land owner and captain on the island of Santorini who,™s daughter, Eroulia, married Nicholaos Sorotos, a commander on his ships from Oia. Her dowry included a mansion in the village Pyrgos with unique views…”.

We are in the 1870’s and the history of Captain Zannos,™s mansion and his family starts. It will take more than a century for Zannos Melathron to share it with its visitors.

Welcome to Zannos Melathron, a fabulous hotel, member of Relais & Chateaux, in the heart of the old capital of Santorini, the village of Pyrgos Kallistis, meaning the most beautiful castle in the island. Zannos Melathron is a unique hotel with beautiful views of the island of Santorini and a mysterious aura that has been unspoiled through centuries and kept alive its luxurious atmosphere.

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