Alagoas is little state in Brazil located in the west on the Atlantic Coast, and a favorite beach resort area. Great weather here for relaxing on the beach, and for beach activities. There is a lot of very good seafood restaurants to choose from.

The tropical Brazilian state of Alagaos is a very simple place. It is known for its breathtaking beaches, sunny weather, and quaint setting. It has many resorts that sit along the beaches, and a variety of delicious seafood restaurants for you to choose from. The natural surroundings of Alagoas are picturesque as well, with palm trees everywhere you look and several beautiful lakes and lagoons. There are a range of festivals every year, so you can be sure to join in on the party. The ocean-side paradise of Alagoas is the perfect place to get away and find true happiness.

There are three nice universities and three colleges in the State of Alagoas.

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