Salve Floresta

Located in the thick of the Mata Adantica Rainforest, around eighty-five miles south of Sao Paulo, you will find Salve Floresta.
Also known as the Rain Forest Academy,, this twelve-thousand acre park is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife and vegetation in Brazil.

In fact, with over three-hundred types of hummingbird, as well as countless other species, Salve Floresta is one of the best places you will find for bird watching.

There is also a variety of monkeys, snakes, and ocelots in this lush rainforest, not to mention the almost seven hundred types of trees. You will also find several great hiking trails that make for perfect nature expeditions.

With sights and activities that are unlike anything you,™ve ever seen, a getaway to Salve Floresta will be truly unforgettable.

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