The vibrant, coastal city of Valparaiso, located about seventy miles west of Santiago, was one of the very first cities founded in Chile. You will find fascinating culture and history, as well as endless exciting tourism opportunities.

Being Chile’s main seaport, Valparaiso is home to several great beaches. However, ten minutes to the north, Via del Mar is the best and most famous beach town in Chile. Visitors come from all around the world to sit on the warm beaches of this quaint town. South of Valparaiso, the quaint ocean village of Quintay is home to picturesque shorelines, as well as scuba diving and golf courses.

You will find countless ways to enjoy yourself in Valparaiso. Every year, the town holds an annual, fun-filled carnival that features great musicians and thrilling festivities. You will also see an incredible array of fireworks that rival some of the best in the world. Valparaiso is home to a collection of fantastic museums, such as the Museo Naval y Maritimo. There are also many historical buildings and landmarks in Valparaiso, all of which are great places for sightseers. Be sure to visit Servers Public Library, which features astonishing, ancient architecture. Some other sights worth seeing include Acro Britanico, Hill Bellavista, and the Monument to the Heroes of Iquique. In Valparaiso, there are things to see and do around every corner.

It’s no surprise that Valparaiso is home to several high-quality hotels. You will find five-star, luxurious options, such as Hotel Boutique Acontraluz, the Grand House, and the Sutherland House. However, there are also many affordable options if you’re on a budget. The markets and street vendors of Valparaiso give the city its charm, and make it perfect for shopping-enthusiasts. You won’t have any trouble finding great food either, for Valparaiso has countless restaurants with fantastic food and traditional cuisine.

The ocean-side town of Valparaiso is truly paradise on the Pacific. You will love experiencing the rich culture and vibrant festivities of the city. Come see what Valparaiso has to offer you.

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