Tikehau Island is the picture perfect paradise. Tikehau one of the most beautiful atolls in Tahiti. The flowers have a fragrance to nice to describe. The abundant marine life and pristine aquamarine waters are a lure to scuba divers and snorkellers. The friendly natives, their homes surrounded by lush gardens, welcome you to explore their beautiful island. Tikehau is an awesome world where fish outnumber people. The vast amount of the fish in the lagoon is so abundant that Jacques Cousteau’s declared that Tikehau’s lagoon contained the highest variety of fish in Tuamotus.

Fishing is an important industry in Tikehau for the 400 residents. Families share the fishing grounds and parks. Tikehau Families also send their fish to the Papeete fish market for sale in the local stores. Visitors enjoy snorkeling blissfully for hours exploring the rich waters of Tikehau lagoon, the Isle of Birds, and the tidy island village of Tuherahera.

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