The Experience

Exploring the Wyoming Wilderness

Consider the most compelling characters you know. They all have one thing in common. Something’s going on under the surface. That’s Yellowstone and the Tetons. Deep beneath soaring sawtooth peaks, a geological story unfolds. Below ground, the temperature rises and reveals itself in spectacular ways. Geysers launch water to incredible heights and hot springs display radiant colors. A diversity of animals, such as bison, elk, grizzlies and even gray wolves, as attracted to these unique places as we are. Yellowstone and the Tetons: the characters that draw us all in. Bubbling mud pots, spouting geysers and steaming vents at Yellowstone Hike through forests and meadows below the spectacular Teton peaks Wondrous wildlife, from elk to eagles and bison to otters Gain insight on the landscape from a local geologist Float down the Snake River with expert river runners


DAYS 1-2 Bubbling mud pots, spouting geysers and steaming fumaroles in Yellowstone A local geologist sheds light on the fascinating geothermal features of Upper Geyser Basin Just about two square miles in area, this spot is home to nearly one-quarter of the world’s geysers! Walk to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, where waterfalls plunge over pastel-colored cliffs. DAY 3 Hike through forests and meadows below the spectacular Teton peaks Stroll along the shore of Yellowstone Lake to windswept Storm Point before heading to Grand Teton National Park From Two Ocean Lake, our trail leads through groves of aspen and pine to higher ground, revealing jaw-dropping views of sawtooth mountains, open pastures and sparkling lakes In the mood to rest your hiking boots? How about horseback riding or just relaxing by the pool. DAYS 4-5 Wonderful wildlife, from moose to mule deer, eagles to otters Enjoy a boat ride across Jenny Lake before hiking to Inspiration Point for sweeping vistas of Jackson Hole Get the inside scoop on this high-alpine landscape during our walk from the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve to Phelps Lake Interested in covering more ground? Hike along the valley floor to Teton Village. DAY 6 A mellow float trip on the Snake River is the grand finale to our week Under the care of expert river runners, we cruise down a scenic section of the Snake, scanning the shore for birds and animals, and relishing the incredible views There’s no better way to end your adventure with a splash!


The Route

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