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Discover what a delight a visit to Japan can be. Experience this fascinating country where ancient traditions merge with modern society in a magical ocean of fun.

Japan is an island nation that has over 6850 mystical islands, each with its own accent and culture, historic sites and awesome natural beauty. Tokyo is the biggest city and the capital of Japan

Japan has thousands of islands; however there are four very big ones that the majority of the population lives on–Shikoku Island, Honshu Island, Hokkaido and Kyushu Island.

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On the Southern end of the islands is a group called the Japan Archipelago where Okinawa is located. This subtropical region has a much warmer climate with lovely islands that are perfect for winter getaways.

Japan is located right on the rim of fire and has experienced many tremendous earthquakes and tsunamis; however the Japanese are more prepared than most countries for these situations. There are over 100 active volcanoes in Japan giving it incredibly beautiful scenery.

Hokkaido Island, because it is in the far north has pleasant summers, but long lasting, cold winters.

There is a seasonal rain, starting from late June in the south moving north until autumn. Occasionally, when typhoons hit Japan it can get extremely heavy rains and high winds.

On the big island of Honshu is the Capital and largest city, Tokyo with over 31 million inhabitants living in the surrounding area. Tokyo is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, with modernistic buildings and historical sites that make for a tourism bonanza.

There are thousands of incredible temples, historic sites, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and beautiful scenery to enjoy on a vacation to Japan. We have Japanese travel advisors that know the country and its attractions intimately, because they were born and lived in Japan most of their lives.

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