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New Zealand is a beautiful, luxuriant south pacific country comprised of two main islands called, North Island and South Island, and hundreds of smaller islands in a region called the Bay of Islands, the Chatham Islands, Stewart Island and other tiny islands. More than a quarter of the country is protected in National Parks and reserves.

New Zealand’s extraordinary scenery in among the world’s top vacation destinations. A New Zealand vacation is perfect for people that enjoy the outdoors. The secluded fiords, ancient glaciers, and steaming hot springs that equal to Yellowstone and are a must see. Don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch or a snorkel, depending on whether the reserve you’re visiting is above ground or below the waves. New Zealand’s Bay of Islands out of Auckland are great for sailing and diving. Breath-taking scenery: Experience true wilderness – from rugged hinterlands shrouded in stately native podocarps, giant ferns and trailing vines to 18,000 kilometres of beautiful coastline. This is nature as it was intended: pure, untouched, energising. Fly to the edges of steaming volcanoes, feel the primal legacy of giant kauri trees, walk on top of crystalline glaciers and venture into mystical and uninhabited fiords. Just a step away: From sunrise over the Pacific Ocean to brilliant night skies glittering with southern-hemisphere stars – you’ll find a wilderness experience every day.

Leave the crowds behind and discover a sense of freedom in one of the least populated countries in the world. Embark on a personal odyssey, venturing into high, distant and magical places. Find inspiration – take a peaceful walk, relax in a hide-away cottage, enjoy spectacular aerial views while drifting in a hot-air balloon Enjoy adventure activities like alpine skiing, cross-country hiking, deep-sea diving or white-water rafting in pure environments. You won’t find dangerous wild animals; but you may see flightless birds, prehistoric creatures and unique plants and flowers Meeting the Real People: Spend time with the people of New Zealand and discover the heart of the country. You’ll take some very special memories home with you. The Kiwi way: Kiwis are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality.

Don’t be surprised if people you’ve just met invite you into their homes and gardens, and share all kinds of stories, opinions and activities with you. Kiwis love to talk to travelers – you could find yourself swapping histories, debating sporting prowess or learning more about a totally new culture. Our unique perspective may even change your understanding of the world. Real places: These encounters may happen in unlikely places, when you least expect them but our famed generosity and warmth is something you’ll find again and again. It’s one reason some visitors keep coming back. Enjoy the hospitality of Kiwi hosts – from home and farm stays, motels, lodges and B&Bs, to a marae (Maori meeting place) and backpacking hostels Sample home-cooked meals, as well as award-winning cuisine and wine Experience a true Kiwi lifestyle in uncrowded rural areas Put on gumboots and help with activities such as harvesting, lambing or milking cows Discover the things that New Zealanders love, from beer and bands to favorite fishing spots and restaurants Discover the ultimate get-away in New Zealand’s tranquil places and luxurious accommodation that combine to offer a laid-back relaxing break to refresh both body and mind. Quality time out: What’s your passion? Golf? Fishing? Lying on sun-drenched beaches and swimming in warm blue waters? Sampling great wine and food? Perhaps a little of each. Reward yourself by doing the things you love – New Zealand style. While you’re here, enjoy quality accommodation and shopping, professional service, relaxed sightseeing and the chance to rejuvenate your senses. Rejuvenate and relax: New Zealand’s beautiful landscape will restore your sense of well-being and surprise you with unexpected experiences. Spoil yourself a little, unwind and let time float by. You will discover a pace of life that is gentle and laid back – we love it! Relax in the luxurious surroundings of top-value lodges, resorts and secret hideaways. Enjoy sumptuous cuisine and exquisite local wines. Test your skill on New Zealand’s acclaimed golf courses.

Spend your days in tranquil surroundings fishing for trout or salmon. Explore sun-drenched bays and hidden coves from a cruising yacht. Hike through deep secluded forests and rediscover the beauty of nature We might be renowned for bungy jumping and jet boating, but our local Kiwi adventurers can show you so much more. Take a step outside your comfort zone and test your individual sense of adventure. Imagine the rewards: enjoying spectacular views from the summit of a hill, feeling both physically tired and emotionally inspired after hiking one of the great walks, sharing the thrill of doing something new and challenging. Experience the thrill of exciting group activities like white water rafting, jetboating and 4-wheel drive tours. If you’re feeling brave, take the ultimate plunge – New Zealand style – and leap from a bungy platform.

We love New Zealand and have been there over twenty times: Whether you need inspiration, or already know where you want to go, our Virtuoso, Travel Advisors know New Zealand intimately and will be fun to work with, designing you an extraordinary vacation experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime. So we can match you to the right travel advisor we prefer you start with our vacation planner. You will be contacted promptly by our most suitable advisor, who will save you time, get you free upgrades with added touches and amenities and provide awesome airfare rates.

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