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A South America vacation is simply astounding, with diverse landscapes, beautiful mountains, awesome active volcanoes, lovely beaches, aquamarine seas and lush jungles; an extremely interesting history with many diverse cultures, superb cuisine, and some of the most hospitable people on earth!

From the verdant tropical climate of the north, to the icy cold seas of the south, South America has numerous natural wonders including the giant Amazon River and the surrounding rainforest jungles.

Over a 1,000 tributaries flow into the Amazon River. Starting in Colombia and ending on the island of Tierra del Fuego, the rugged Andes Mountains run the entire length of the western coast of the continent. The famous Inca city of Machu Picchu was found high in those Andes in 1911.

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Today, most of the population is found in the crowded cities of the southeast. Around Easter season is the best time to visit Brazil. Lower temperatures, and little rain like in the summer, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil enjoy wonderful weather and present amazing settings at this time of the year, especially the Pantanal, Paraty and Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian alternative to a safari, the Pantanal is the ultimate outdoor destination for travelers in search of some privacy and outstanding natural beauty.

For those who prefer calm sea breeze and diverse cultural programs, we recommend the historical bay town of Paraty. Last but not least, there is always Rio. Although not as quiet and secluded as the previous places, Rio de Janeiro is a year-round destination and during the Brazilian fall, tourists are much less seen in the city. A good idea for an incredible Easter vacation is a 10 day trip with a combination of two or even all three of these places mentioned above.

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